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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mayweather’s on HBO 24/7 – Reality TV?


HBO 24/7 broadcast the first part of their series Saturday night for the upcoming fight between boxing Super Star Floyd Mayweather Jr. (41-0, 25 KO’s) and World Boxing Council (WBC) welterweight champion Victor Ortiz (29-2-2, 22 KO’s).

Ortiz is given little chance to pull off a victory in the fight which will take place on September 17 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
The HBO 24/7 series is designed to hype the fight between Mayweather and Ortiz, by going up close and personal with the combatants. Floyd Mayweather Jr, who is a master at media and self promotion knows the value of controversy when it comes to promoting a fight and seized the opportunity with the cameras rolling. Controversy sells and no one knows that better than “Money” Mayweather.

As everyone knows, a defamation lawsuit has been brought against Floyd Mayweather by his arch rival Manny Pacquiao. Floyd has repeatedly claimed that he was too busy training for his September 17 with Victor Ortiz to give a deposition related to the lawsuit. However Mayweather has been filmed partying and burning money etc on dates that he said he would be too busy training to take the deposition. Floyd’s response to the court when questioned about the issue was that his obnoxious behavior is just a ploy to promote his fights and is designed to appeal to his fan base. In other words what Mayweather is telling the Court is that his behavior is just an act.

Fast forward to Saturday nights first episode of HBO 24/7 when Floyd is fully aware that he is on camera, and he goes into overdrive playing the villain. Mayweather trash talks his opponent and brags about his bank cash reserve in equal measure. Of course his legions of fans eat it up.

Of course the problem with “Reality TV” is that it isn’t real at all and eventually the viewing public is able to predict what is going to happened next. Each show then becomes more outrageous than the preceding episode in order to hold the viewers attention.

Perhaps the Mayweather’s part in HBO 24/7 was not scripted, but it was a foregone conclusion that it would wind up with trash talking, name calling and the “F” bomb being dropped numerous times. It’s all so predictable.


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