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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eminem 'requests fish at festival'


Eminem requested a pond full of carp on his recent rider.

The hip-hop star headlined the Tennent's Vital festival in Northern Ireland last week. He was asked for a list of necessities he'd need backstage and was only too happy to come up with some demands.

One of the strangest reported requirements was a wooden pond filled with koi carp.

'The pond was constructed backstage in his VIP garden and filled with the colourful fish which cost between £200 and £600,' reports British newspaper The Sun.

Eminem didn't stop there.

He also asked for a full length mirror so he could check he was stage ready before his performance, and wanted rolling clothes racks to keep his costumes crease free. The rapper requested dumbbells so he could work out backstage as well as a microwave.

As far as his food went, the 38-year-old was happy to stay healthy. Seedless watermelon, a tray of crudities with ranch dip, yoghurt and pretzels were all included on the rider.

The requests were a lot more diet conscious than those made by fellow hip-hop star Snoop Dogg earlier this year. While performing in the UK he asked for £100 worth of McDonald's as well as some spicy chicken.


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