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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Facebook spam alert: 'Dislike' button add-on a fake


Facebook seems to be a hotbed for scams of late.

First, spammers played on people’s curious natures by sending messages that claimed one can find out who viewed their profile after following certain steps; one of which asked them to invite friends to do the same.

Of course, once done, instead of getting the information they wanted, they have actually inadvertently ‘spammed’ their other friends as well.

And then there was one that asked users to verify their account. Thankfully, this wasn’t quite as popular since most users are already aware of the evils of sending personal info to suspicious parties.

Now, spammers are at it again. This time, they claim Facebook is adding a “Dislike” button to user’s pages.

Facebook users will receive an alert on their wall claiming, “Facebook now has a dislike button! Click 'Enable Dislike Button' to turn on the new feature!

Looking ingeniously like a legitimate Facebook add-on, the ‘Enable Dislike Button’ is supposed to appear where the ‘Share’ button used to be.

Once a user clicks on it, the message will appear on their friends’ walls, thereby opening the door for more people to be scammed. And no, a ‘Dislike’ button will not appear on your wall.

Many Facebook users have been clamoring for the popular site to have a ‘Dislike’ button so this scam is likely to fool a lot of people (and, no, Facebook headquarters is saying they’re not planning on rolling out a ‘Dislike’ button).

Spread the word. Make sure your friends understand that they should be cautious of the messages and alerts put on their walls.

If you or anyone you know does receive this message, you can either hide it or mark it as spam. Marking it as spam may be better as you can then help Facebook improve its security in the future.


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