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Friday, March 25, 2011

What’s keeping Pacquiao-Mayweather from being made?


Its a sorry state of affairs when the most powerful men in boxing cant make the one fight the world wants to see. While the sporting world is confounded by the unsolvable problems that are preventing the fistic equivalent to the football world cup from happening.

In 2010 Don King was quoted in boxing monthly as saying in Boxing monthly 2010, “It is nothing to do with the fighters but the men in business suits who figure they can make more money if the two don’t fight than if they do”. So in the opinion of the world’s most famous promoter the reason no one has been able to find common ground to make a Paquiao-Mayweather megafight is an unwillingness to communicate and a financial situation that may bring more gain to some of the negotiators if they don’t make the fight than if they do.

I cant help thinking if Don King was involved to the extent he had Floyd Mayweather signed to a promotional contract the boxing world would not have to wait too long to see the fight we have all been waiting for. Bob Arum on the other hand is a business genius every time Paquiao-Mayweather negotiations fall through he matches Paquiao up with fighters also under contract with him (Arum), the result is Arum makes more money for himself with less risks to his fighter (brilliant).

Final thought: unless someone gets involved who’s sole interest is making the fight happen for the sporting world (Don King) we as fans might never see this fight materialize.


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