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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Friday Top Five: Best New Year's Eve movies


There is a film in theaters right now about nothing but various scenarios that all take place on New Year's Eve, but this isn't about that movie.

Instead, we're going to look back at some flicks that have moments devoted to the spirit of December 31: wistful recollection of moments now past, anticipation for what the future holds, the sense of impending (and in one case, tragic) change and the urge to party like tomorrow's a holiday and you won't have to wake up for work.

Take a look at our list, and leave your own favorites in the comments!

1. "When Harry Met Sally" (1989) - We know some of you have Harry's New Year's Eve speech to Sally memorized. And when we say "you," we're also including ourselves.

2. "The Apartment" (1960) - "Shut up and deal" should probably be invoked at NYE parties everywhere this weekend.

3. "Radio Days" (1987) - Woody Allen's film about the bygone days of radio is about as reminiscent as it gets.

4. "Bridget Jones's Diary" (2001) - The premise of the film all begins at a fateful New Year's Day party, and by the end, the titular protagonist is ready to start fresh.

5. "200 Cigarettes" (1999) This isn't a scene as much as it's the plot of the entire movie, but the preparations and expectations for NYE ring true.


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