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Friday, April 8, 2011

We'll deal Mosley first KO - Roach


Shane’s Mosley’s chances against Manny Pacquiao are slim and none.

I don’t see Shane having a chance,” Pacquiao’s chief trainer, Freddie Roach, told the other day in Los Angeles.

Roach, who was at the Staples Center as part of the promotion for Julio Cesar Chavez’ coming fight, said Mosley is going down.

We’re going to knock him out,” he told Michael Rosenthal, even if the 39-year-old American hasn’t been knocked out before.

There’s always a first time, and on May 7 should be a first for Mosley.

I doubt early (knockout). He has experience. He knows how to survive. We’ll make the fight at a fast pace, our pace. I’d say he’ll (Pacquiao) stop him in six, seven rounds,” Roach said.

That’s the prize, to be the first to stop him, to show the world how much better we are than anyone else. That’s our goal,” added the celebrated trainer.

Mosley, no doubt, is a champion, but at 39, his best years, his best fights are behind him.

He has a big punch ... relatively. Who has he knocked out? (Ricardo) Mayorga? Big deal. That guy can’t fight a little bit. I’m not going to say this will be a good fight to try and sell the fight,” Roach told

Roach said there are very clear signs that Pacquiao will come out victorious on May 7 at the MGM, stretch his win streak to 14, and stay on as the world’s top boxer today.

Roach is very pleased with the way Pacquiao’s training in Baguio City went, and he couldn’t ask for anything more from the Pinoy icon in their last four weeks of training.

He said Pacquiao has kept his focus on the coming fight, and has kept his mind off his other occupation, being a congressman in his home province of Sarangani.

Congress didn’t really get in the way this time. His mind was on training. I think the first time we were there he had just become a congressman. It was exciting and new. I think he realized that congress is pretty boring. They don’t do a lot,” Roach said.

Mosley is hiding in the snow-covered Big Bear in California, training hard for the fight scheduled for 12 rounds, pegged at 147 rounds.

Mosley said he’s confident of his chances, and that he will shock the world by knocking Pacquiao out.

But don’t tell that to Freddie.


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