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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pacman work ethic impresses visiting Azkals


Manny Pacquiao was so impressive during sparring that the Azkals who came to visit him at the gym are now calling for a knockout.

Maybe he’ll warm up at the beginning of the fight then maybe close it out in the seventh or eighth,” said Azkals skipper Aly Borromeo.

He came to the Wild Card Gym in Hollywood last Saturday and watched Pacquiao train for his highly-anticipated fight with Shane Mosley on May 7.

Borromeo, team captain of the overachieving soccer team from the Philippines, came with fellow Azkal Anton del Rosario, who’s based in California.

They watched Pacquiao spar 11 rounds with four different boxers, and left the gym awed by the boxer’s incredible ethic when it comes to training.

Everything he did at the gym make me think he’s going to win,” said Del Rosario.

He’s like a machine. A machine,” he added.

Borromeo said they were able to pick up some points on how Pacquiao, the world’s greatest boxer today, gears up for a coming fight.

It should give us a different dimension to our workouts. How he gets out and gives a hundred percent every time,” said Borromeo in a post at Youtube.

It was an awesome day. We got to hang out at the Wild Card and watch MP slug it out with four boxers. I have even more respect for this guy now. Such an amazing athlete,” he added.

A report that came out of ABS-CBN said Pacquiao was thrilled to have the Azkals around in the gym.

It was an honor for me,” said Pacquiao, who’s fully aware of the recent accomplishments of the Philippine soccer team.


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