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Friday, April 8, 2011

Morales: Too old, too weak and too small to beat Maidana


It’s kind of sad that 34-yer-old Erik Morales had to pick Marcos Maidana out as the fighter that he wanted to step up against after facing three second tier fighters during his comeback. Morales, after a great career, retired in 2007 following four consecutive defeats.

Now our years later, Morales has won several fights and is stepping up in a big way against an animal of a puncher in Maidana. Morales sees flaws in Maidana that he thinks he can exploit. The problem that Morales has is that he doesn’t have the size, speed, power or youth to exploit the flaws.

You have to have all of those ingredients to beat Maidana, not just one of them. As we saw in Maidana’s fight against Amir Khan recently, Maidana just keeps coming no matter what. At the end of the Khan-Maidana fight, Khan looked badly beaten up and was lucky to survive to the final bell. And this is with Khan running and holding all night long. Morales doesn’t have the wheels to run like Khan did and doesn’t like to hold like Khan does either.

It’s basically sink or swim for Morales. I think we’re going to find out on Saturday night that boxing is a young man’s sport, and fighters like Morales that think they can come back after three years of good eating are going to be sadly disappointed.

Maidana is going to batter Morales and knock him out at some point. I’m not sure which round but Morales won’t make it to the final bell. He doesn’t have the tools anymore to survive against a beast like Maidana.


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