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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baron Geisler opts to prolong rehabilitation


Actor Baron Geisler is still in rehabilitation for alcohol dependency even after already completing the PAMI Philippine Artists Managers, Inc. (PAMI) recommended three months stay.

According to Geisler, the decision to stay longer at the Penuel House rehabilitation facility is voluntary as he needs to “learn more.

Para hinog na hinog talaga ako. Three months are not enough for me to learn many things; ang dami ko pang dapat matutunan,” the actor said in an interview with "Startalk" host and entertainment editor Ricky Lo.

Geisler didn’t deny he misses work.

I miss showbiz, all right, but I try to divert my mind from it so I can concentrate on the programs here,” he said, adding, “I was thinking na sana I addressed my problem sooner at nang hindi nasira ang career ko. But then, as they say, things happen for a reason and it’s never too late to change. With the help of God, I know that things will turn out right and I will go back to work a changed man.

Given the chance to work again, Geisler said he will try to stay away from doing bad guy roles.

So that people will not be reminded of the ‘old me.’”

The 29-year old shared one big lesson that's inculcated in him during his stay at the facility – that any addiction is just a symptom of a deeper problem that needs to be addressed immediately. He admits that the death of his father, as with the family house having been razed twice, as two factors that contributed to his dependency on alcohol.

They did, definitely,” he said. “I was full of anger, guilt and shame, but I kept things inside me. I thought I could find comfort in alcohol but I was wrong. I blamed other people for what was happening to me and my life, I was blaming everybody but myself. I realized now that I wasn’t able to handle so many things when I was a kid.

Asked for a piece of advice that he would want to share to individuals suffering the same problem he has, Geisler said, “huwag nila takbuhan ang mga problema nila, harapin nila, huwag silang mahiya. They should accept that they have problems and that there’s hope. With God, you can never go wrong. I also realized that I couldn’t handle things by myself. Dito, I also learned to submit to authority.

Geisler entered the Penuel House rehabilitation facility January 30. Prior, veteran actress Cherry Pie Picache accused the actor of touching her inappropriately while shooting a scene for ABS-CBN's "Noah." He was reportedly drunk when the incident occurred. Although Geisler apologized to Picache, ABS-CBN removed him from the series.

The PAMI eventually recommended his immediate rehabilitation resolving to prohibit him from doing projects with artists managed by its members if he did not comply.


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